The new journal Thought is now accepting submissions in Value Theory (broadly interpreted, to include all of ethical theory and metaethics). I am the new Subject Editor for Value Theory submissions, assisted by an expert panel of referees (which includes a large number of PEA Soup contributors).

The aim of the journal is to publish short (<4500 words) original papers in philosophy. A description of the journal’s refereeing process can be found here. We aim to have a quick review time, with a commitment to giving authors a response within 8 weeks.

Thought is edited by Crispin Wright, John Divers, and Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins, and published by Wiley-Blackwell; papers must be submitted on the journal’s online submission system.

I am looking forward to reviewing papers on ethics and other aspects of value theory over the next few years. Please spread the word that Thought is now one of the journals that ethicists and value theorists should consider for short papers!