The Centre for Ethics, Law and Public Affairs at Warwick University took over the running of the moral philosophy blog PEA Soup last year. Whilst on the surface, the Soup has been chilling, things are bubbling below. We have a series of fantastic threads planned in the coming months, and we encourage you all to take a look and to participate in the discussion. PEA Soup will continue its relationships with leading philosophy journals, including Ethics and Philosophy and Public Affairs, and we will have regular discussion of articles from these journals. We also have a new series of threads where philosophers discuss books that have influenced their work. We will be revitalizing the public philosophy thread. And there is more to come.

Here are some forthcoming threads on articles:

March 15th David Clark ‘Refusing Protection’ in Philosophy and Public Affairs with a critical précis by Kim Ferzan.

March 23rd James Grant ‘Moral Worth and Moral Belief’ in Ethics with a critical précis by Julia Markovits.

May 23-24: Robin Zheng and Nils-Hennes Stear ‘Imagining in Oppressive Contexts, or, What’s Wrong with Blackface?’ in Ethics with a critical précis by Paul C. Taylor.

We also have two forthcoming threads on books. One led by Daniel Viehoff in the last week of March, and one led by Sophia Moreau in the week beginning 24th July.

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