Below I link to a variety of useful sources of advice to graduate students in philosophy, including prospective graduate students. As I am not aware of such collections elsewhere, I am hoping people might add to this list so folks know where to look to find advice.

Tips for applying to graduate school (Alex Guerrero):

Should you pursue graduate study? (Rutgers Philosophy):

Advice About Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Philosophy (University of Mississippi Philosophy):

Graduate School Advice for Philosophy Majors (Humboldt Philosophy Dept):

Applying to PhD Programs in Philosophy, Part 1: Should you apply and where (Eric Schwitzgebel):

How to be an awesome first year grad student (Eric Schwitzgebel):

12 Tips for Success in Philosophy Graduate School (Liz Jackson):

Advice for the philosophy job market (Dan Korman):

A safe and supportive forum for early-career philosophers:

Maintaining Sense of Confidence and Self-Worth in the Face of Failure and Rejection (Lisa Miracchi):

Self-Compassionate Writing Exercises (Lisa Miracchi):

Advice for Succeeding in Graduate School (Stanford Philosophy):

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