After a mere 17 years at the helm at Soup, Dave “Slacker” Shoemaker is taking a month off—probably because he thinks he is a big shot now that he is moving to fancy-pants Cornell. Given that my role at Soup over the past 9 years has primarily been to irritate Shoe with my technical incompetence, things might get a bit bumpy here over the next few weeks. But would it not amuse a bit if, the first time he steps away, the thing flowered with an active series of golden age half-assed, open-ended, and exploratory posts that once were our bread and butter at Soup, together with thoughtful and unbombastic comments of the sort too rare in the philosophy blogosphere? Would that not have potential to advance my mission of getting under Shoe’s skin here at Soup?

Even if, likely due to some serious character flaw, you do not see the genius of the above plan, and instead would consider such a thing only as a way of (ill-advisedly) honoring Shoe’s long service at Soup, consider e-mailing me ( your half-assed exploratory submission as a post for Soup and consider looking for such postings to comment on.