Another slam-bang year! Thanks to all who continue to slurp up the Soup on a regular basis. Herewith is our annual list of the 10 most-read substantive posts of the year (in reverse chronological order). Re-read them for fun!

Ethics Review Forum: Smith’s Making Morality Work, reviewed by Sepielli (11/21)

Two-Part Series on Sexual Harassment in Philosophy (Janice Dowell and David Sobel)

The Puzzle of Hypocritical Self-Blame (David Shoemaker)

You’re So Smug, I’ll Bet You Don’t Care This Post is About You (Grant Rozeboom)

Trolley Follies (Kerah Gordon-Solmon)

A Case for Removing Confederate Monuments (Travis Timmerman)

How Would We Know if We Made a Climate Difference? (Kian Mintz-Woo)

Featured Philosopher: Valerie Tiberius

Featured Philosopher: Charlie Kurth

JMP Discussion of Spencer Case’s “From Epistemic to Moral Realism” (the most widely-read post of the year!)

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  1. Comments to your post on Serene Khader’s Decolonizing Universalism seem to be closed. So, my comment appears here.

    I’d like to let your readers and listeners know that I have written a post at BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY which is in part a response to your post about Khader’s book, though my post also addresses the continued exclusion of critical philosophical analyses of disability from feminist philosophy and philosophy more broadly.

    My response to your post is here:

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