Herewith our top 10 posts of 2018. Thanks to all who read and participated this year!

  1. (Most read): Brad Cokelet, New Research Avenues in Anthropology
  2. NDPR Forum on Kit Wellman’s Rights Forfeiture and Punishment
  3. JESP discussion of Ben Mitchell-Yellin’s “A View of Racism”
  4. JMP discussion of Kate Norlock’s “Can’t Complain”
  5. Jonathan Phillips and Joshua Knobe, on The Ordinary Concept of Happiness
  6. Ben Bramble, The Passing of Temporal Well-Being
  7. Ethics discussion of Michael Cholbi’s and Alex Madva’s “Black Lives Matter and the Call for Death Penalty Abolition”
  8. OSPP discussion of Seana Shiffrin’s “The Moral Neglect of Negligence”
  9. Gwen Bradford, on Pain’s Badness
  10. Katja Vogt, on A Well-Lived Human Life