North American Society for Social Philosophy Book Award
Each year the North American Society for Social Philosophy honors the best book published in
social philosophy during the previous year. The Book Award Committee invites you to nominate
a book to compete for the award for 2018. (For the purposes of this award, a book’s eligibility is
determined by the year of its copyright rather than by the year of its release.)

The Award will be conferred on a book published in 2018 that makes the most significant
contribution to social philosophy. The field is to be construed broadly, to include social and
political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of social science, and social ethics. Excluded
are anthologies, historical studies, and works on ethics that lack a distinctly social component
and works on a social topic that lack a substantial philosophical component.
The Award is presented at the NASSP annual conference. The author and Book Award
committee members participate in a panel discussion of the book. The comments and author
response from the panel are published in Social Philosophy Today.
The deadline for nominations is no later than December 31, 2018. Nominations (including self-nominations) should be submitted here:
For inquiries about the 2018 NASSP Book Award, please contact the Award Committee
chairperson, Dr. Seth Mayer (