The program for the 4th biennial New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility (NOWAR 4) has been set. It is pasted below the fold. The workshop takes place in New Orleans on November 2-4, 2017, and this year it kicks off with an open discussion on the foundations of moral responsibility, with Michael McKenna, Dana Nelkin, Chandra Sripada, and David Shoemaker. The three keynote speakers this year are Jeanette Kennett, Michael S. Moore, and Angela Smith. Registration is free, and just requires an email to David Shoemaker (dshoemak AT tulane DOT edu). Information about lodging (with a reserved hotel block) to be found soon on the Murphy Institute website.

Thursday, November 2

4:30-6:00 p.m.: Open discussion forum on the foundations of moral responsibility and the search for basic schemes of categorization, featuring Michael McKenna, Dana Nelkin, Chandra Sripada, and David Shoemaker

7:30-8:50 p.m.: Michael S. Moore (University of Illinois) – KEYNOTE

CHAIR: Stephen White (Northwestern)

Reception: 9-11 p.m.

Friday, November 3

9:30-10:35: Andreas Brekke Carlsson (University of Oslo), “Shame and Attributability”

CHAIR: Santiago Amaya (Universidad de los Andes)

BREAK: 10:35-10:50

10:50-11:55: A.G. Gorman (USC), “The Minimal Approval Account of Attributional-Responsibility”

CHAIR: Phoebe Chan (Arizona)

BREAK: 11:55-12:10

12:10-1:15: Douglas W. Portmore (Arizona St.), “Options, Control, and Accountability”

CHAIR: Noel Dominguez (Harvard)

LUNCH: 1:15-3:00

3:00-4:05: Eric Wiland (UMSL), “(En)joining Others”

CHAIR: Samuel Reis-Dennis (UNC)

BREAK: 4:05-4:30 

4:30-5:50: Angela Smith (Washington & Lee) – KEYNOTE

CHAIR: Rahul Kumar (Queens University)

Saturday, November 4

9:30-10:35: Elizabeth Harman (Princeton), “Moral Testimony Goes Only So Far: How Examining Moral Responsibility Reveals the Limits of Moral Testimony”

CHAIR: Hannah Tierney (Cornell)

BREAK: 10:35-10:50

10:50-11:55: Philip Swenson and Travis Timmerman, “How to be an Actualist and Blame People”

CHAIR: Daniel Telech

BREAK: 11:55-12:10

12:10-1:15: Elinor Mason (Edinburgh), “Taking Responsibility: The Space Between Strict Liability and Blameworthy Quality of Will”

CHAIR: Ben Mitchell-Yellin (Sam Houston State)

LUNCH: 1:15-3:00

3:00-4:05: Matt King (UAB), “Skepticism About the Standing to Blame

CHAIR: Anneli Jefferson (Birmingham)

BREAK: 4:05-4:30

4:30-5:50: Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie) – KEYNOTE:

            CHAIR: Andras Szigeti (Gothenburg)