We are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for the Inaugural Marc Sanders Award for Public Philosophy. We hope that this award will incentivize and draw attention to excellent new long-form public philosophy.

We invite submissions of unpublished essays (minimum 3,000 words, maximum 10,000) with significant philosophical content or method by authors with significant philosophical training addressed primarily to the general reader. There is no restriction to any area of philosophy. In particular, there is no restriction to practical philosophy. Everyone from graduate students to emeritus professors is encouraged to apply. 
The winner of the Marc Sanders Award for Public Philosophy will receive $4,500. The winning essay will be published in Philosophers’ ImprintPhilosophers’ Imprint is a free online journal specializing in major original contributions to philosophy. The second best essay will be published in Aeonwhose editorial staff will be available to help with the final draft. The top two essays will both be published (or cross-posted) in Salon and The Point. There will also be an opportunity for the winner(s) to present their work directly to a general audience.

The Award Committee is Chaired by Susan Wolf, Edna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill. The other committee members are Patricia O’Toole, Professor of Literary Nonfiction at Columbia University School of the Arts and Pulitzer Prize finalist,Thomas Hofweber, Professor of Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill, and Barry Maguire, Research Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill and incoming Director of the Northern Institute of Philosophy.
Deadline: 10 / 10 
Please submit your entry to publicphilosophyaward@gmail.com by 10 October 2016. Please include the essay title in the Subject line. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by email. Refereeing will be blind; authors should omit all remarks and references that might disclose their identities. Unlike other Marc Sanders Prizes there is no restriction to junior candidates. Philosophers at any career stage are encouraged to submit. No more than one submission per person. Previously published essays will not be considered. The winner will be determined by the committee and will be announced in March 2017.
Any inquiries should be sent to Barry Maguire at barrymaguire@gmail.com