We, the Davids Shoemaker and Sobel, have decided to step down from the managing of PEA Soup.  Shoemaker has been a co-editor of the blog since its inception in 2004 (with Dan Boisvert, Josh Glasgow, and Doug Portmore), and Sobel has been a co-editor since 2013.  During that run we have made a number of efforts to increase traffic, diversify the line-up, encourage greater participation, and partner with the top moral and political journals for sophisticated discussion of their leading articles.  While we have had some successes, we also recognize that it’s a changing internet world and we haven’t been as successful as we would have liked in some respects.  And we have also come to agree that we no longer have the energy required to move the blog forward in the ways that would be necessary to sustain its relevance in this changing world.  So we will be stepping down.

However, we also appreciate the value the blog could continue to have under the leadership of someone (or someones) who have the energy and wherewithal to keep it running and bring new ideas to the table.  We are thus looking to hear from people who would be willing to take it over.  There are some relatively minor financial costs to doing so, but the opportunities are great.  So we are asking for proposals from interested parties, consisting of a few paragraphs saying what ideas you might have for helping PEA Soup to flourish, along with a bit about your background, interest, and commitment.  Please send these “proposals of interest” to both dshoemakATtulaneDOTedu and davidsobel3ATgmailDOTcom, no later than December 31, 2015.  (We welcome co-managing proposals as well.)

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  1. You two made great improvements to the blog. Crossing my fingers that some good proposals come your way. Thank you both!

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