Call for Abstracts

Libertarian Free Will: Problems and Prospects

Second Annual Tennessee Value and Agency (TVA) Conference

November 15-17, 2013 // The University of Tennessee – Knoxville


Keynote Speakers: Robert Kane (University Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas) and Michael McKenna (Keith Lehrer Chair of Philosophy, University of Arizona)


Abstracts (of 2-3 double-spaced pages prepared for blind review) due by June 15, 2013 by e-mail to EJ Coffman (


If libertarianism about freedom and moral responsibility is true, then people sometimes act freely and accountably without being causally determined to do so.  Frequently maligned within the history of philosophy, this view has gained increasingly sympathetic attention among philosophers.  But many stark questions remain, including:


– How plausible is this view? 

– If our actions are not causally determined, how can we have control over them? 

– Why should we want our actions to be breaks in the deterministic causal chain?


Abstracts that engage these and similar issues relevant to the assessment of libertarian approaches to freedom and responsibility will be considered for the 2013 TVA Conference.  Sessions will be approximately one hour long, with 30-35 minutes for the presentation and 20-25 minutes for group discussion.


The TVA conference ( is an annual event aimed at encouraging philosophical conversation about topics pursued by established research clusters at the University of Tennessee Department of Philosophy.  The website for the 2013 TVA conference is: