Ben Eggleston and I are putting the final touches on the manuscript for The Cambridge Companion to Utilitarianism, forthcoming from… well, you know. Now that most of the writing and editing is done, we're facing the real hurdle to getting a book published… the marketing questionnaire. One question on this questionnaire asks about courses/modules in which the volume might be used. I'm writing to ask if any SOUPers can volunteer names and numbers of undergraduate or graduate courses/modules at their universities in which this volume might be assigned in full or in part, as either a required or a recommended reading.

Our table of contents:

Introduction, Ben Eggleston and Dale
E. Miller

Utilitarianism Before Bentham, Colin Heydt

Bentham and
Utilitarianism in the Early Nineteenth Century
, James Crimmins

J. S. Mill and
Utilitarianism in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
, Henry West

Sidgwick and
Utilitarianism in the Late Nineteenth Century
, Roger Crisp

Utilitarianism in the Twentieth
Krister Bykvist

Act Utilitarianism, Ben Eggleston

Rule Utilitarianism, Dale E. Miller

Global Utilitarianism, Julia Driver

Objective and Subjective
Elinor Mason

Subjective Accounts of Well-Being, Christopher

Objective Accounts of Well-Being, Ben Bradley

Kantian Ethics and Utilitarianism, Jens Timmermann

Virtue Ethics and Utilitarianism, Daniel Russell

Utilitarianism and Fairness, Brad Hooker

Utilitarianism, War
and Peace
William H. Shaw

Utilitarianism and Our
Obligations to Future People
, Tim Mulgan

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