In light of feedback some of you have sent to the editors over the past several months, we have finally been able to make a few improvements to PEA Soup.  You've likely already noticed the most important ones, but just to make it "official," a brief description is below the fold:

  • New Books Page.  We now have a new books page listing all of our Contributors most recently published books.
  • Subscribe to PEA Soup by Email.  Many of you already know that you can subscribe to PEA Soup's posts and comments using an RSS feed.  (The links are at the top of PEA Soup's web site, and a very big thank you to Simon Rippon for somehow figuring out how to set up a feed for the comments.)  Some of you have told us that you would like a less tech-y way to receive notifications of all new posts, and so you can now Subscribe to PEA Soup by Email as well.  The link to do so is also at the top of the PEA Soup web site.  Subscribing in this way means that you will receive an email message whenever a new post appears on PEA Soup. 
  • Like Us on Facebook.  If you have a Facebook account, you can now 'Like' Pea Soup.  The 'Like' button is on the right side of the PEA Soup web site.  'Liking' PEA Soup will also send notifications of all new posts immediately to your Facebook new feed, so you can keep up with new posts that way as well.

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  1. It was our pleasure, Christian! Thanks to you all who made the great suggestions!

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