In honor of my favorite philosophical article, I'm pleased to pass on the following announcement from Neal Tognazzini:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of P. F. Strawson's 'Freedom and Resentment'. In honor of its remarkable influence over the past half-century, the philosophy department at The College of William & Mary is hosting a two-day conference this fall, *Responsibility & Relationships*, that will explore Strawsonian themes in contemporary moral philosophy, psychology, and the law, including new work on blame, punishment, and the moral emotions. And you're all invited.

The website for the conference is here.

It's happening on September 27-28, 2012, and participants include Lucy Allais, Laura Ekstrom, John Martin Fischer, Bennett Helm, Pamela Hieronymi, Jeanette Kennett, Adrienne Martin, Victoria McGeer, Jeffrie Murphy, Dana Nelkin, Paul Russell, Tim Scanlon, David Shoemaker, Dan Speak, Galen Strawson, R. Jay Wallace, and Gary Watson.

Information about travel, lodging, and registration is up on the website. So go take a look, and plan on joining us for some great philosophy and, I hope, a beautiful few days exploring America's Historic Triangle. Contact Neal Tognazzini ( with any questions or comments.