Workshop: "Naturalism: Ethical and Metaphysical"
University of Leeds
September 18-19, 2009

This workshop brings together researchers interested in issues
concerning naturalism in moral philosophy and in metaphysics and
epistemology. Registration for the workshop is now open. More details
about the workshop and registration can be found at:

The workshop begins at 2pm on Friday, 18 September, and ends at 4:15pm
on Saturday, 19 September. The speakers are:

Ted Sider (NYU): “Fundamentality and Evaluative Anti-Realism”
Ralph Wedgwood (Oxford): TBA
Jonas Olson (Stockholm): “In Defence of Moral Error Theory”
Carrie Jenkins (Nottingham): “Naturalism and the A Priori”
David Copp (UC Davis): “Toward a Pluralist and Teleological Theory of