For the past five years, the Prindle Institute for Ethics, out of Depauw University, has been a kind and generous host to the Soup. Andy Cullison, the director of the institute, reached out to us early on in his tenure to bring the Soup to Prindle, and we can’t thank him enough for that. But pandemics mess up everything, and one effect was that Prindle was no longer able to support the Soup. So today we are pleased to announce that Princeton University’s Center for Human Values has ridden to the rescue, and has taken the Soup on board its estimable servers, providing us with new technical support and a stable home base. Thanks to Michael Smith for facilitating the move, and to Andrew Perhac for making it so!

As you’ll see, there is currently no difference in the look of the site. The only difference is the official site address, which is here. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll want to update your bookmark. The old site is currently redirecting to the new one, but it may not for long.

Anyway, our content had slowed a bit during this transition, but we hope to be back up to speed soon now.