Preston Werner and Aaron Elliott have started up an online metaethics colloquium series. Here is Preston to tell us about it:

Hi all,
A couple of months into the pandemic, I decided to begin a small metaethics colloquium series. Almost a year later, and we are going strong, and I have added Aaron Elliott as a co-organizer. Now we are looking to expand our membership! (We have always wanted to be open to all who are interested, but I am very bad at PR.) Our meetings are every other Thursday from 15:00-16:30GMT (that is 15:00 in London, 10:00am US EST, 20:00 in Indian Standard Time). We will be very happy to have you. If you are interested in joining the mailing list, you can either email me at, or join directly here:
Our next talk will be January 21st. For our upcoming schedule and a Zoom link, join the Google Group (or email me) today!