The goal of the workshop is to bring into dialogue theorists working on interrelated issues concerning “moral address”, especially as it features, on the one hand, in discussions of moral responsibility that understand the reactive attitudes as ‘incipient forms of communication’ or ‘implicit forms of address’, and on the other, in discussions of “normative powers”. Recently both literatures have given greater attention to non-imperatival directives (i.e. directive forms of address other than command or demand, e.g. request, appeal, invitation), and to the possibility of self-address (e.g. self-promising, self-forgiveness). These are among the several avenues of research to which the workshop may further contribute. The overall aim, though, is rather open-ended: to bring together philosophers working on issues related to moral address in several areas of practical philosophy, guided by a hunch that doing so stands to benefit our understanding of the nature and norms of agency, authority, and responsibility.      

 Dates: April 20-22, 2021 

This will be an online-only event, held over Zoom. 


Confirmed Participants: 

 Ori Herstein (Hebrew University of Jerusalem/Kings College London) 

Coleen Macnamara (University of California, Riverside)

Michelle Mason Bizri (University of Minnesota/Brown University)

Joseph Raz (Kings College London/Columbia University)

Gary Watson (University of Southern California) 


Abstracts are invited from early career philosophers, understood to be researchers who’ve received their PhDs within 5 years of the submission deadline and PhD students. If you are interested, please send an abstract of 700-1000 words, as a pdf. to: 


Submission Deadline: December 3, 2020 


Authors of accepted abstracts are required to submit, by March 30, a draft of their paper (under 7,000 words), to be circulated amongst workshop participants.  
Notifications of decisions will be sent by the end of December. 


Organizers: Daniel Telech (Polonsky Academy, Van Leer Institute)
                      David Enoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 


Please send questions and the like to