Connie Rosati writes:

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This year, I am hosting a contest to raise money for women’s cancer research—breast, ovarian, cervical—the whole kit and kaboodle, so to speak.

So what is the contest, you might ask?

Each of four weeks during the month of October, beginning October 1st, I will post a picture of the jammies I made for a well-known and, of course, highly talented philosopher.  Pair the philosopher with the pair of jammies and you might win!  You may enter at any time before October 31st, and as many times as you wish.

How to Enter:

Make a donation of at least $25.00 to cancer research.

If you have a favorite organization you would like to donate to, such as Susan G. Komen, that’s fine.

VeryWell Health’s top five:

Or just go to Charity Navigator

I’ve been donating to:

Cancer Research Institute

which does research on all sorts of cancers, including all sort of women’s cancers.

FORWARD TO ME BY EMAIL AT, the message you receive acknowledging receipt of your contribution.  In the heading of the forwarded message, indicate Jammies # and your guess.   YOU MAY GUESS ON ONLY ONE PHOTO PER ENTRY.  In the event that more than one person guesses correctly, a random drawing from among the correct guessers will determine the winner.


Now, some of you may know the jammies owners.  Some of you may even be one of the jammies owners.  This does NOT preclude you from entering!  After all, this is a fundraiser!  HOWEVER, the owner/knower can win only if (a) there is more than one correct entry, and (b) the owner’s/knower’s name is randomly selected.  For those in-the-know, please be sure to disclose that you know the jammies owner.

The names of the four winners will be announced on November 5, 2019.

Fine print:  By entering this contest the winners agree to send me a picture of themselves wearing their jammies to post on Facebook.

What You Win:

Credit toward completion of your annual imperfect duties.

Warm fuzzy feelings

The respect of friends and colleagues

What You will also Win, if You Really Win:

A custom pair of jammies from my fledgling jammie business!

But is it worth it, you might ask? 

It’s a great cause.  And keep in mind that it costs me approximately $30-$35 to make a pair of jammies, not including the labor and mailing costs, so the winners are getting their jammies at a discount (though they are a bargain at any price!).

If that doesn’t do it, here is a testimonial from a very satisfied owner of my sold-out zombie jammies…

“Zombie Jammies are better than Cats and Pokemon Go! They will soon be sweeping the nation, saving the pooké in the process. I wouldn’t be caught dead out of my excellent Zombie Jammies. They are certainly the most stylish and comfortable jammies I have dared to dream possible!”  –David Sobel, Syracuse



You might call this well-known and highly talented philosopher The Man in Pink. He is among the most well-organized philosophers in the field, though he has begun to show signs that all the organizing is driving him mad.

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This well-known and highly talented philosopher recently moved to a department that is extraordinarily lucky to have recruited her. Asked about the utility of her recent move, this ab(solutely)original thinker explained her view that, as an objective matter, the good consequences would substantially outweigh the bad consequences.

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This well-known and highly talented philosopher is always on the go!  With his giant brain and his elfin charm, he and his happy wife reside in a forested enclave in these United States.


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  1. The contest is now publicly available through Facebook. So anyone can enter without having to be my friend!


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