On the occasion of the death of Dr. John I propose that his “Make a Better World to Live In” become the official theme song of Consequentialism. Not only does the good Dr. sympathetically express the view, in good Consequentialist fashion he creates lots of happiness while doing so.

“You got to live and give, share and care, really put some love in the air
When your neighbor’s down, try to pick him up, nobody can live in despair …

Let’s all pitch in and do our thing, make a better world to live in

Society has no priority, we’re all one part of a whole
When people scream and shout, you have to hear them out
Everybody is a beautiful soul

You gotta pull together, go hand in hand, you really got to do your best
Wouldn’t it be a perfect sight to see: the whole world filled with happiness.”


4 Replies to “Consequentialism’s Theme Song?

  1. Do the other theories have theme songs?

    Deontology: “Heavy Duty” by Judas Priest?

    Virtue Ethics: “Happy Together” by the Turtles?

    Care Ethics: “Handle with Care” by the Traveling Wilburys?

    Contract Ethics: “Contract” by Gang of Four?

    And, of course, nihilism/relativism: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen?

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