We are very pleased to announce the 2018 PEA Soup Awards, for excellent contributions to the blog. Due to very generous funding by the Prindle Institute for Ethics, we are able to give out $4500 in awards this year. These are the categories that will be awarded next year as well, so we hope our contributors will pay heed! Congratulations and thanks to all of our winners!

Best Original Post:
Best Discussion Originators:
1. JMP Discussion of Kate Norlock’s “Can’t Complain” ($1,000, split between Kate and précis writer Mariana Alessandri)
2. A tie between JESP Discussion of Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin’s “A View of Racism” ($250 split between Ben and précis writer Tommy Curry) and Michael Cholbi and Alex Madva’s “Black Lives Matter” ($250 split between Michael, Alex, and précis writer Erin Kelly). 
Readers Award
This goes to the most-read post of the year, $500 to Brad Cokelet, for “New Research Avenues in Anthropology” 
PEA Soup Citizen of the Year
Awarded to Ralph Wedgwood, for his two posts in 2018, on “The Value of Rationality,” and “Non-Welfarist Population Ethics”($1,000)

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