St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality 2017

May 21-23, 2017

Keynote: Kieran Setiya (MIT)

Stephen White (Northwestern), “Predicting failure”

Chair: Rima Basu (USC)


Rachel Johnson (Trinity), “Practical deliberation and background conditions on normative reasons for action”

Chair: Zoe Johnson King (Michigan)


Kevin Dorst (MIT), “Evidence: A guide for the uncertain”

Chair: Laura Callahan (Rutgers)


Michael Titelbaum (University of Wisconsin–Madison), “Reason without reasons for”

Chair: Nandi Theunissen (Johns Hopkins)


Ralph Wedgwood (USC), “Against evidence”

Chair: Charles Bouchard (Rutgers)


Renee Bolinger (USC), “The rational impermissibility of accepting racial generalizations”

Chair: Julianne Chung (Louisville)


Matthew Smith (Leeds), “Rationalize this!”

Chair: Devlin Russell (Toronto)


David Horst (Unicamp), “How is reasoning norm-guided?”

Chair: Gregory Antill (Claremont McKenna)


Amy Flowerree (Northwestern), “Alethic reasons for action?”

Chair: Jamie Fritz (Ohio State)


Daniel Fogal (Uppsala), “Structural requirements and the primacy of pressure”

Chair: John Keller (Niagara)


SLACRR is sponsored by UMSL, WUSTL, and SLU. Registration for SLACRR is now open. Everyone attending must first register. To register for SLACRR, just email stating that you plan on attending. Conference participants can book rooms in the Moonrise Hotel at the conference rate of $140. When reserving your room, be sure to use the Group Code: SLACRR2017

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