Some of the world’s greatest philosophers will visit Rutgers University–New Brunswick over the next five years to present public lectures, hold workshops with faculty and graduate students, and meet with undergraduates.

The Rutgers Lectures in Philosophy is a newly-created annual lecture and book series organized by the Rutgers Philosophy Department and Oxford University Press to showcase the trailblazing work of some of the world’s most influential thinkers.

The inaugural lecture, “The Problem of Vagueness,” will be given by Kit Fine, a New York University professor and one of the world’s foremost experts on the philosophy of language, metaphysics, logic, and the philosophy of mathematics. It will take place Nov. 30, at 6:15 pm in Room 4225 of the Rutgers Academic Building, 15 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ.

Professor Fine will give two more lectures: “The Possibility of Vagueness,” 4:30 pm, Dec. 2, Alexander Library Teleconference/Lecture Hall;  and “The Phenomenon of Vagueness,” 4:30 pm, Dec. 5, at the Alexander Library Teleconference Lecture Hall.

Other philosophers scheduled to visit Rutgers as part of the lecture series include: Sir Richard Sorabji (Oxford University, 2017); Robert Stalnaker (MIT, 2018); Jeff McMahan (Oxford University, 2019); Béatrice Longuenesse (NYU, 2020); and Martha C. Nussbaum (The University of Chicago, 2021).