PEA Syllabi, as previously mentioned here, is a new project for compiling syllabi for courses in ethics and political, broadly construed. You are encouraged to add your syllabi, thus making it available to people in the future who are designing such classes. PEA Syllabi now has its own permanent pull down menu at the top of the main Soup page. Please consider going there to add your syllabi as an aid to future and current teachers. And thanks for the suggestions for additional categories. We have expanded the options.

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  1. This is a great idea. Another resource that might be useful and relatively easy to compile would be a list of new book publications in ethics. Sometimes it is difficult to find out about new books that might be of interest, so a list would be helpful. No one would have to go out and do research to find out what books have come out. All it would take is for people to add books to the list that they already know about. The chances are, if a book is worth reading SOMEONE here will have heard of it.

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