PEA Soup now has a dedicated page for collecting syllabi for courses in ethics, broadly construed. You can find it here. You will be able to add your syllabi under the relevant course heading and, the hope is, when it is time to design a course you will have many different syllabi of that course to look at to help you. You might also suggest to us ethicsy course headings that we do not yet include.

We have included specific subheadings only in the undergrad courses, as the grad courses might be all over the map. If depositing grad syllabi, please place them, and only them, in either the “Ethics-General” or “Political Philosophy-General” categories at the bottom of the list of courses.

2 Replies to “PEA Soup’s Syllabus Project

  1. This is great. You might add a Technology Ethics sub-category. That seems like a class that lots of people might be asked to teach in temporary positions and on short notice where having some ready examples might be really helpful.

  2. Other professional ethics courses (Business Ethics, Engineering Ethics, Biomed Ethics, etc) might also be useful on short notice.

    It would also be nice to have some copyright disclaimer about intended use for the database (not to be sold for profit, owner retains all other rights, etc).

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