The Speculative Ethics Forum is a one day workshop-style event in which we’ll consider the most challenging matters of ethics. Ethical approaches of all sorts are welcomed–analytic, continental, ancient, medieval, Asian, and so on. Most papers are invited. However, there are two slots open for submissions. Any paper in ethical theory will be considered for acceptance. Bold and speculative inquiries are preferred to papers that primarily defend ground already gained or papers that are primarily scholarly. Our aim, in short, is to have a single day concentrated on expanding the horizons of ethics.

The Speculative Ethics Forum takes place on Saturday, November 19th at our Manhattan campus.

Keynote Speaker: Samuel Scheffler (NYU)

Invited Speakers:

John Drummond (Fordham)
Jonathan Jacobs (John Jay College)
Diana Heney (Fordham)

There are two slots open to ethicists to submit papers, drafts, or extensive, detailed outlines for discussion. In order to have your work considered, email it to the address given below by October 16. The preferred formats for submission are pdf and Word.

Registration for this event is free. Registration is required to access the papers that will be discussed. Please register at the email address below. Any questions about the event should be sent to the email address below.
Conference organizer: David Kaspar