The University of Konstanz currently offers two options for displaced researchers/ refugees (holding a PhD). 

(1) At the Zukunftskolleg we will offer up to three Zukunftskolleg Bridge Fellowships for Displaced Researchers (any discipline represented at the University of Konstanz). The positions are available as soon as 1 December 2016 for a maximum of nine months.  Deadline for the applications is 15 September 2016. Please find the job offer attached. We also welcome researcher outside of Germany to apply. 

(2) The Philipp Schwartz Initiative by the Humboldt Foundation provides universities and research institutions in Germany with the means to host threatened foreign researchers for a period of 24 months on a fully funded research fellowship. ( Applications are collected and jointly organized by the Welcome Center. If you have any researcher in mind, please inform the Welcome Center (Johannes by 19 September 2016 so the application can be dealt with within the university before it is passed on to the Humboldt foundation. Deadline for applications is 14 October 2016. Please note: candidates can not apply individually but only through the host organization, i.e. the University of Konstanz.

In both cases you can also contact the Back Office. 



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