Call for Participation and Discussants

Climate Ethics And Climate Economics: Fat Tails – Imposing and Redistributing Risks
Workshop at the London School of Economics
Convened by Kai Spiekermann and Jonathan Aldred, supported by the ESRC

14-15 September 2016

Accompanied by public lectures given by Prof Pindyck and Prof Gardiner on the evening of the 13th and 15th of September
The third of six ESRC-funded workshops on Climate Ethics and Climate Economics

We are now looking for participants. Priority will be given to participants willing to act as discussants.

Confirmed Speakers
Professor Stephen Gardiner, University of Washington
Professor Robert S. Pindyck, MIT
Dr Simon Beard, Cambridge
Professor Simon Dietz, LSE
Eike Düvel, Graz
Dr Jonathan Herington, Kansas State University
Professor James Lenman, Sheffield
Kian Mintz-Woo, Graz
Dr Matthew Rendall, Nottingham
Vera Van Gool, Reading

This workshop will focus on large-scale risks caused by climate change. In particular, we are interested in discussing theoretical, empirical and normative questions arising from large-scale risks and so-called “fat tail” risk distributions. The realizations that climate change may well be catastrophic and the probabilities of catastrophic outcomes difficult to quantify has shifted the debate towards more “precautionary” approaches. Debates about the most rational response to large scale risks and uncertainty should be complemented by a normative analysis of risk imposition: under which conditions, if any, is it permissible to impose such risks or redistribute them from one group to another? The workshop seeks to bring together economists, philosophers and practitioners to tackle these pressing questions.

Papers will be pre-circulated, with short presentations and comments from discussants.

Please pre-register here.

One Reply to “Call for Participants and Discussants: Climate Ethics and Climate Economics”

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