As one of the final outputs of the Character Project at Wake Forest University (, we have produced a number of new videos featuring researchers in philosophy, theology, and psychology.

One set of videos is from our final conference in May, 2015. Speakers include Neil Levy, Valerie Tiberius, Gopal Sreenivasan, Tanya Chartrand and Korrina Duffy, William Fleeson, Dan Batson, Christian Miller, Andrea Glenn, Daryl Cameron, and Jen Wright and Thomas Nadelhoffer. See

Another set of videos is for our “In Character” series featuring two researchers talking with each other about their findings.  New videos have been posted by Erik Helzer and Sara Konrath, Jessica Sommerville and Elizabeth Boerger, Charles Starkey and Daniel McKaughan, and Bradford Cokelet and Ray Yeo. See

We hope these videos will be of interest, and are very grateful to the Templeton World Charity Foundation for funding.