I’m pleased to announce the second discussion of a Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy (JESP) article here at PEA Soup. The article in question will be Matt King‘s (University of Alabama at Birmingham) “Manipulation Arguments and the Moral Standing to Blame“. It is, of course, freely available from JESP’s website (just follow the previous link in the article’s title). This article investigates what types of considerations can undermine our standing to blame other people and it also argues that the general truth of determinism would not belong to these considerations. To start off the discussion, Patrick Todd (University of Edinburgh) has promised to write a short critical summary, which will be available here on PEA Soup on Monday the 24th of August, 2015. This response will be especially interesting because King’s paper is largely a critical investigation of Todd’s own 2012 Philosophers’ Imprint paper “Manipulation and Moral Standing: an Argument for Incompatibilism“. We are all very much looking forward to this discussion and we hope that you can take part in the discussion too!

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