The next event of the Ethics and Explanation Project – a one-day workshop – is now scheduled for 12th October 2015 at the University of Nottingham. We are delighted to announce the list of speakers for the workshop: Ben Sachs (St. Andrews), Frans Svensson (Umeå University), Rebecca Stangl (Virginia), and Kenneth Walden (Dartmouth).
Additional information about the workshop—including paper titles and abstracts—will be posted on Philevents soon.

Meanwhile we are pleased to invite philosophers to comment on papers or to chair sessions at the workshop. Anyone with interest in attending the workshop is invited to submit a short note to Uri Leibowitz ( indicating her/his interest in commenting/chairing a session.
We'd be very grateful were you to distribute this information to colleagues and graduate students who might be interested in this event.

Looking ahead: the final conference for the Ethics and Explanation Project will take place early in 2016. Suggestions for a theme for the final conference are welcome (please contact Uri Leibowitz). Additional information about the final conference will be advertised in due course.
We hope to see you in October.