The First Annual Chapel Hill Metaethics Workshop (announced here in April) now has a complete lineup, including a new Sanders Prize winner. Program below the fold; and more info at the workshop's web site. To register (for free!) just send email to Russ S-L.



All Sessions in the University Room, Hyde Hall on the UNC Campus



9am – 10:15am          ERIC WILAND (UMSL)

Moral Testimony: Going on the Offensive

Chair: Victor Kumar (Michigan)


10:45am – Noon        STEPHANIE LEARY (Rutgers)

Nonnaturalism and Normative Necessities

Chair: Alex Worsnip (NYU/UNC)


1:45pm – 3pm            DAVID FARACI (Georgetown)

On Leaving Room for Doubt: Using Frege-Geach to Illuminate Expressivism’s Problem with Objectivity

Chair: Alex Gregory (Southampton)


3:30 – 4:45pm            SIGRÚN SVAVARSDÓTTIR (Tufts)

Practical Rationality and Value

Chair: Christopher Cowie (Cambridge)


5:15pm – 6:30pm       RALPH WEDGWOOD (USC)

The Predicament of Choice

Chair: Eden Lin (Rutgers)


8pm – 11pm  DRINKS PARTY (Location TBA)



9am – 10:15am          JOSHUA SCHECTER (Brown)

Difficult Cases and the Epistemic Justification of Moral Belief

Chair: Stan Husi (Milwaukee)


10:45am – Noon        KATE MANNE (Cornell)

Locating Moral Reasons: A Democratic Humean Approach

Chair: Jack Woods (Bilkent)


1:45pm – 3pm            RALF BADER (Oxford)

The Grounding Argument against Non-Reductive Moral Realism

Chair: Annette Bryson (Michigan)


3:30pm – 4:45pm       ALEX SILK (Birmingham)

Normative Language in Context  WINNER, Marc Sanders Prize in Metaethics

Chair: Amelia Hicks (Kansas State)


5:15pm – 6:30pm       STEPHEN FINLAY (USC)

Disagreement Lost and Found

Chair: Richard Rowland (Oxford)


7pm – 9pm WORKSHOP BANQUET (Location TBA)



9:30am – 10:45am     JOHN BASL (Northeastern) & CHRISTIAN COONS (Bowling Green)

Ought to Is: The Puzzle of Moral Science

Chair: Teemu Toppinen (Helsinki)


11:15am – 12:30pm   DANIEL WODAK (Princeton)

Expressivism and Varieties of Normativity

Chair: Max Barkhausen (NYU)