The program for the third biennial New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility, taking place November 5-7, 2015 at the Intercontinental Hotel, is below the fold.  Keynote speakers are Julia Driver and Derk Pereboom.  For information about NOWAR, go here.

Thursday, November 7

7:30-8:50 p.m.: Julia Driver (Washington University), “TBA”
Friday, November 6

9:00-10:05: Abraham Roth (Ohio St.): “Reasons Explanation in the Context of Shared Activity”

10:15-11:20: Sara Bernstein (Duke): “Causal Proportions and Moral Responsibility”

11:30-12:35: David Brink (UC San Diego): “The Path to Completion”

LUNCH: 12:35-2:15

2:15-3:20: Kyle Fruh (Beloit): “Practical Necessity and Moral Heroism”

3:30-4:35: George Tsai (Hawaii): “Reason, Respect, and the Efficacy of Blame"

4:45-5:50: Manuel Vargas (University of San Francisco): “Implicit Bias and the Circumstances of Moral Responsibility”

Saturday, November 7

9:30-10:35: Vida Yao (UNC-Chapel Hill): “Strong-Willed Akrasia”

10:50-11:55: Facundo Alonso (Stanford): “Intending, Settling, and Relying”

12:10-1:15: Gunnar Bjornnson (Umeå University, University of Gothenburg): “Explaining Epistemic Skepticism About Culpability”

LUNCH: 1:15-3:00

3:00-4:05: Paul Russell (University of British Columbia): “Free Will Pessimism”

4:25-5:45: Derk Pereboom (Cornell), “TBA”