Announcing the 3rd Annual Tennessee Value and Agency Conference: Reason and the Moral Sentiments in Moral Life and Judgment.

November 7 & 8

1210 McClung Tower, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Amelie Rorty,  Professor, Tufts. 
Keynote address:  The Ethics of Collaborative Ambivalence.

Tal Brewer, Professor, UVA.
Keynote address:  The Miseducation of the Sentiments.

Marta Jimenez, Assistant Professor, Emory.
Colloquium Paper:  Aristotle on Pseudo-Courage.

Maura Tumulty,  Associate Professor, Colgate.
Colloquium Paper:  Alienated Perception.

Brad Cokelet, Assistant Professor, University of Miami.
Colloquium Paper:  Making More Room for Character.

Ginger Tate Clausen, Ph.D. Candidate, Arizona.
Colloquium Paper: Fitting Love.

Kyla Ebels Duggan, Associate Professor, Northwestern.
Colloquium Paper: The Kantian Inheritance of Humean Desire.

Bridget Clarke, Associate Professor, University of Montana.
Colloquium Paper: Virtue and Sensibility.

David Goldman, Visiting Assistant Professor, Ohio State.  Colloquium Paper:  Beyond Excuse and Exemption.

Charles Starkey, Associate Professor, Clemson.
Colloquium Paper:  Feeling, Seeing and Mattering.

Andrew McAninch, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, Penn.
Colloquium Paper:  What is the Value of Deliberation?

Free and open to the public. 

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