Below is the program for the next SLACRR.  You can learn more and register at the website.  

I hope to see you in St. Louis this May!


SLACRR 2014 Program – May 18-20, 2014

Keynote Address

John Broome (Oxford) –  Normativity in Reasoning


Jennifer Frey (South Carolina) – Against autonomy

Chair: Samuel Asarnow (Stanford)


Jeff Behrends (Illinois State) – Problems and solutions for a hybrid account of normative grounding

Chair: Jennifer Morton (CCNY)


Daniel Wodak (Princeton) – Mere formalities

Chair: Douglas Portmore (Arizona State)


Barry Maguire (NYU) – There are no right kind of reasons for (non-epistemic) attitudes

Chair: Kathryn Lindeman (Pittsburgh)


Michael Bratman (Stanford) – Self-reinforcing norms of planning agency

Chair: Alida Liberman (Southern California)


Daniel Fogal (NYU) – The non-fundamentality of reasons

Chair: Elizabeth Harman (Princeton)


Justin Snedegar (St. Andrews) – Reasons, oughts, requirements

Chair: Bruno Guindon (McGill)


Lindsay Crawford (UC-Berkeley) – How does rational ability constrain epistemic obligation?

Chair: Abe Roth (Ohio State)


Jennifer Carr (Leeds) – Anything mushy can do, sharp can do better

Chair: Julia Staffel (Washington University)


Alex Worsnip (Yale) – The irrelevance of evidence (to rationality)

Chair: Caroline Arruda (UTEP)