The second biennial New Orleans Workshop in Agency and Responsibility (NOWAR 2) will be taking place starting in less than two weeks, at the Intercontinental Hotel in New Orleans (Nov. 7-9).  This is just a reminder for those planning on attending: please register with me ( within the next week.  Registration is free, but I need to know how many are planning on attending.  Keynote speakers are John Martin Fischer and Susan Wolf, and the program is pasted below the fold.  More details here.

Thursday, November 7

7:30-8:50 p.m.: John Martin Fischer (UC Riverside), “Responsibility and the Actual Sequence”

        CHAIR: Derk Pereboom (Cornell)

Reception: 9-11

Friday, November 8

9:00-10:05: Carolina Sartorio (Arizona), “Sensitivity to Reasons and Actual Sequences”
    CHAIR: Christian Coons (Bowling Green St./Murphy Institute)

10:15-11:20: Randolph Clarke and Thomas Reed (Florida St.), “Free Will and Agential Powers”
    CHAIR: Eddy Nahmias (Georgia St.)

11:30-12:35: Michael Zimmerman (UNC Greensboro), “Moral Luck Reexamined”
    CHAIR: Suzy Killmister (University of Connecticut)

LUNCH: 12:35-2:15

2:15-3:20: Victoria McGeer & Philip Pettit (Princeton/ANU), “Agency, Capacity, and Accountability”
    CHAIR: Mark Timmons (University of Arizona)

3:30-4:35: Sigrún Svavarsdóttir (Ohio St.), “Coherence, Integration of the Self, and Integrity in the Context of Reflective Agency”
    CHAIR: Jada Strabbing (Fordham)

4:45-5:50: Terry Horgan (University of Arizona), “Injecting the Phenomenology of Agency into the Free Will Debate”
    CHAIR: Don Regan (University of Michigan)

Saturday, November 9

9:30-10:35: Bennett Helm (Franklin & Marshall), “Being Bound to Communal Norms”
    CHAIR: Gwen Bradford (Rice/Murphy Institute)

10:50-11:55: David Lagnado & Tobias Gerstenberg (University College London), “Spreading the Blame: A Framework for Intuitive Judgments of Responsibility”
    CHAIR: Daniel Moseley (UNC Chapel Hill)

12:10-1:15: Chandra Sripada (Michigan), “Moral Responsibility, Reasons, and the Self”
    CHAIR: Justin Coates (University of Houston)

LUNCH: 1:15-3:00

3:00-4:05: Tim Schroeder (Ohio St.), “Obsessive-Compulsive Moral Scrupulosity”
    CHAIR: Tamler Sommers (University of Houston)

4:25-5:45: Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill), “Responsibility, Moral and Otherwise”

        CHAIR: Gunnar Björnsson (Umeå University)