Ethics will turn 125 next year.  In honor of that anniversary, beginning in
October 2014, the journal will publish a series of retrospective essays that
discuss articles from past volumes of the journal.

Ethics has posted a
general call for proposals with more details about the project at

The journal invites
interested readers and potential contributors to explore the journal's ample
online archive.

Ethics is also marking the occasion with a
new Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@EthicsJournal),
which will provide updates about the 125th anniversary call for
proposals, along with tidbits from the journal's first 100 years of

One Reply to “Exciting Plans at Ethics.”

  1. Exciting indeed. I want to point out for people who missed it that this has been kicked off already in the April 2013 issue by the short discussion and reprinting of Du Bois’s “The Development of a People,” originally published in the journal’s April 1904 issue.
    Robert Gooding-Williams and I were grateful for the opportunity to introduce this essay to new audiences, especially people interested in contemporary moral, social, and political philosophy who might be wondering how Du Bois’ concerns then connect to the concerns of theorists working today.

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