I am starting a new project to help philosophers share and learn from each other's publishing experiences. The project combines some of the goals of my (essentially defunct) Venue Poll project with ideas I got from using Andrew Cullison's fantastic Journal Surveys site. The project is currently in beta, and I'm asking people to check out the site, play with the survey, and provide feedback. All data collected during the beta is for testing purposes and will be deleted when the site officially goes live, at which point I encourage people to return and take the survey for real. In addition to looking for general feedback, I ask about a specific issue below the fold. 

Philosophical Trajectories [http://personal.bgsu.edu/~faracid/pt.html]

Because this project will work better the more data I collect, I'm trying to come up with ways to encourage people to participate. Given that the survey is aimed at publishing authors, a great way to get people to participate might be to have them receive a link to the survey when they are informed of a paper acceptance. (Not only does this hit the target demographic, it hits them when they just got published and so are probably in a good mood!) So, I'm wondering whether, at least once the site is more established, journal editors would ever consider appending a link to their acceptance emails. Thoughts from those in relevant positions?