Hi all,

I wanted to take a minute to provide a brief overview and rough schedule for the new "Featured Philosophers" section of PEASoup.  The Daves (or, as I like to refer to them, Dave, or D.A.V.E.) have put together a really nice lineup so far, which I know will generate a lot of interesting discussion.  So, without further ado, here is the rough schedule as it appears now.  (We also have a few other people lined up but not firmly scheduled yet.)

Late April/early May: Tom Hurka

Late May: T.M. Scanlon

June: Mark Schroeder

Early July: David Enoch

Late July: Sally Haslanger

August: Elizabeth Anderson

August: Sharon Street

September: Connie Rosati

October: Julia Driver

November: Jamie Dreier

February: Justin D'arms and Dan Jacobson

As I said, a few more folks are in the mix, but haven't yet been scheduled.  And there are surely many more to come!  So stay tuned, and we hope you'll considering participating in what promises to be a very interesting set of exchanges.  Let's all thank Dave for setting this up!

6 Replies to “Upcoming Featured Philosophers

  1. Wow! This looks great. Are we just supposed to plan to post objections/questions to some of their specific views?

  2. Hi Brad,
    The idea is that there will be (roughly) two ways for the featured philosopher to do this. The first would be just to post something they’re interested in, PEASoup-style. The other would just be to take questions on their views generally for a few days. We’re leaving it up to them.

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