Gimme' that old time blogigion!

In our last post, we mentioned our partnerships with a variety of excellent journals publishing new work in ethics and political philosophy.  In this post, we want to explain ways in which we will try to push the blog to expand in a more informal direction as well, capturing again some of that old time bloggy fun we used to have.  We have two proposals.

First, we have already encouraged our official contributors via e-mail to commit to striving to initiate at least one post per year, posts of whatever level of formality they would like, although we encourage working out new ideas here.  Speaking for ourselves, the amount of help we have gotten in working out our own half-baked ideas on this blog over the years has been pretty amazing, and we’d like to encourage our contributors to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

To provide everyone with a window, we have encouraged them to post during their “Special Month” (which should help avoid congestion in some months and dry periods in others).  If their first name starts with an A or a B, then their “Special Month” is January.

C or D: February
E or F: March
G or H: April
I or J: May
K or L: June
M or N: July
O or P: August
Q or R: September
S: October
T or U: November
V, W, X, Y, or Z: December

April is G or H, so away we go!

The second proposal is this: for a few days each month we will host informal forums with some influential moral philosophers to discuss their work.  We will leave it up to them whether they want to entertain questions about any aspect of their work or something new they are working on, but the idea will be to have a kind of community forum with them leading discussion.  To this point we have signed up Elizabeth Anderson, Nomy Arpaly, Justin D'Arms and Daniel Jacobson, Jamie Dreier, Julia Driver, David Enoch, Sally Haslanger, Tom Hurka, Connie Rosati, and Mark Schroeder.  We hope to get started on these in a few weeks, and we will announce the schedule soon.

We are also open to any ideas you might have about increasing the number of informal posts, so please offer them in the comments or by e-mail.

5 Replies to “Exciting Changes at PEA Soup! (Part Two)

  1. You might also make a Google drive document (or whatever) and invite contributors to sign up to post in an upcoming month. This could fit with the just proposed last name month thing and I think it would help busy people fit the posting into their schedules. Just a thought!

  2. You could also put in info about upcoming journal stuff and influential philosopher discussions so that people can plan posts around those.

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