Los Angeles, May 20-22, 2013

Deontic or normative modality is a subject of common interest for researchers in several fields, including moral philosophy, metaethics, linguistic semantics, and deontic logic.  This workshop brings together leading and creative thinkers in each of these fields in order to advance our collective understanding of this subject.  The keynote address will be given by Angelika Kratzer (Umass-Amherst); other talks will be given by John Broome (Oxford), Frank Jackson (Princeton/ANU), Jeff Horty (Maryland), Paul Portner (Georgetown), Cleo Condoravdi & Sven Lauer (Stanford), Dan Lassiter (Stanford), Aynat Rubinstein (Georgetown), Jennifer Carr (MIT), Paul McNamara (New Hampshire), Joshua Knobe & Zoltan Szabo (Yale), and Malte Willer (Chicago).  Additionally, selected work by other innovative scholars will be featured in a poster session.  The full program can be viewed here.

Registration is free; to register please email finlay@usc.edu no later than May 1, and also indicate if you wish to attend the conference dinner on Tuesday, May 21.  For further information email either Mark Schroeder (maschroe@usc.edu) or Steve Finlay (finlay@usc.edu).