In honor of the 50th anniversary of the publication of P. F. Strawson’s essay, "Freedom and Resentment" (Proceedings of the British Academy, 1962), the philosophy department at The College of William & Mary hosted a two-day conference last fall. Papers from that conference will make up the bulk of a special issue of Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility to be published next year, with contributions from Lucy Allais, John Martin Fischer, Bennett Helm, Margaret Holmgren, Michelle Mason, Victoria McGeer, Galen Strawson, R. Jay Wallace, and Gary Watson.

However, the editors of this supplemental volume, Neal Tognazzini and David Shoemaker, are looking for one more excellent essay to round out the volume, and are thus issuing this general call for papers.

Submitted essays should fit the theme of the volume, but they need not treat Strawson's paper directly; they can simply be inspired by Strawson's paper, or be on Strawsonian themes in ethics and moral psychology more generally. They should also be no more than 10,000 words (inclusive of notes and references), and must be submitted by February 28th, 2013. Essays should not be prepared for blind submission.  Those whose essays are scheduled to be published in the first volume of OSAR are not eligible.  Simultaneous submission of essay as well as an associated abstract for this fall’s New Orleans Workshop on Agency and Responsibility (NOWAR) is permitted (just make sure to send the abstract to David Shoemaker).  Please email submissions to Neal Tognazzini ( The winning essay will be selected by the editors, and those who submit essays will be notified either way by mid-March.  Final publication in OSAR is contingent on positive referee reports from Oxford University Press.