My colleague Jonathan Weisberg has created an excellent free iPhone app. Among other things, the app allows you to run informal surveys, run intuition polls, etc. I was one of the beta testers and I can say that the interface is great and the thing works like a charm. During beta testing, for instance, I could learn what my peers thought about a difficult question in the metaphysics of dance: "Is Gangnam Style a Natural Kind". The answer field also introduced me to the trivalent logic which added to the traditional truth-values, the imporant tertium "Awesome". There were serious questions too, but, of course, I can't remember waht they were. The official literature is below the fold.

Phi2Phi is a peer-to-peer iPhone/iPad app for philosophers to test counterexamples, ask questions, and float ideas-—all anonymously.  You can:


• Try out ideas, arguments, thought experiments, and counterexamples.

• Run informal surveys and micro-polls.

• Share results on Facebook.

• Crowdsource reading suggestions and references.

• Crowdsource teaching suggestions and tips.

• See what others are thinking about.

• Pass the time at the bus stop.

 Phi2Phi is 100% FREE.

Jonathan's Website

App Store Link

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