A group of our PhD students here at Birmingham asked me to email details of a workshop on the conceptions of a good life which they are organising here in June. This should be of interest for graduate students following this blog as there is also a call for abstracts for them included. Here's the announcement:

Call for abstracts and registration

Workshop at the University of Birmingham, Department of Philosophy
The Good Life: Theory and Practice
8th June 2012

Confirmed speakers
Beverley Clack (Professor in the Philosophy of Religion, Oxford Brookes University)
Chris Megone (Professor of Interdisciplinary Applied Ethics, University of Leeds)
Mozaffar Qizilbash (Professor of Economics, University of York)
Stephen Wilkinson (Professor of Bioethics, Keele University)
James Wilson (Lecturer in Philosophy and Health, University College London)

Conceptions of the good life have an obvious place in normative theory, and a clear relevance for a wide range of practical concerns, from individual autonomy and embodiment to development ethics and welfare economics. This workshop will bring together interdisciplinary scholars and students working on a range of practical issues for presentations and discussion, with the hope of illuminating the relationship that theory has to practice here. Likely focal points for discussion include (but are not limited to) health and illness, capability and functioning, preference deformation and adaption, and objectification and commodification of the self.

Call for papers
We invite abstracts from post-graduate students in philosophy and cognate disciplines on the 'Good Life' theme, broadly construed. An emphasis on connections and/or transitions between theory and practice involving conceptions of the good life would be especially welcome. Papers will be 10-15 mins in length, followed by questions.

Please send abstracts (of approximately 500 words) to Ben Bessey (bjb076@bham.ac.uk) by 11th May 2012.

Register for the workshop
There is no cost to register for this event, but places are limited. If you wish to attend, please register your interest with Herjeet Marway at hxm447@bham.ac.uk. The deadline for registration is 1st June 2012.

Organised by: Ben Bessey, Sarah Louise-Johnson, Herjeet Marway, Peter West-Oram (PhD Students, Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham).