We are pleased to announce that William J. FitzPatrick has accepted our invitation to become a contributor here at PEA Soup. Bill is Associate Professor of philosophy at the University of Rochester. One of his primary research interests lies with defending a robust form of ethical realism that involves a non-naturalistic metaphysics of ethical facts and properties as well as an external reasons theory that allows for the categoricity of moral requirements. He is also interested in resisting consequentialism, particularly through defenses of the Doctrine of Double Effect against various recent objections. Welcome aboard, Bill!

6 Replies to “Welcome, William J. FitzPatrick!

  1. It’s great to have Bill aboard, especially since we’re on the same page concerning metaethics. Regarding normative ethics, Bill just needs to realize that we can have our cake (accept consequentialism) and eat it too (while also accepting the DDE) — that’s the beauty of consequentializing.

  2. Doug’s fantasy-land pipe dreams aside, it’s great to have you here, Bill!

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