Here are the main speakers at the next St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, May 20-22, 2012.

Keynote:  Jonathan Dancy (Texas/Reading), "More Right than Wrong"

  • Nomy Arpaly (Brown) and Timothy Schroeder (Ohio State), “Acting and Believing for Reasons”
  • Agnes Callard (Chicago), ”Introducing Socratic Anti-Intellectualism”
  • Patricio Fernandez (Harvard), “Why Not Act? 
  • Ernesto Garcia (Massachusetts), “Explaining Constitutive Norms”
  • Alex Gregory (Reading), “A Very Good Reason to Reject the Buck-Passing Account”
  • Ali Hasan (Iowa), “A Puzzle for Analyses of Rationality”
  • Doug Portmore (Arizona State), “Perform Your Best Option”
  • Abe Roth (Ohio State), “Team Reasoning, Shared Intention, and Non-Evidential Warrant for Belief”
  • Michael Titelbaum (Wisconsin), "In Defense of Right Reasons"
  • Daniel Whiting (Southhampton), ”Reasons for Belief, the Aim of Belief, and the Aim of Action”


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