(Moving to the front from Dec. 10)

We are pleased to announce the next installment in our collaboration with Ethics, where we host a discussion of one article from each issue of the journal, and the journal makes a copy of that article freely accessible (for a limited time) to our participants. 

Because the current issue (Volume 122, issue 1) features a symposium on Jeff McMahan's Killing in War, this time around we are focusing on two articles, John Gardner and François Tanguay-Renaud's "Desert and Avoidability in Self-Defense" and McMahan's reply.  Ethics has generously agreed to provide open access to both articles, which are now available here.  We are also pleased that our own Victor Tadros will provide a précis of the article to kick off the discussion.  Professor Tadros'  précis will appear, and discussion of the article will begin, Wednesday, January 4, 2012.