Where: New Haven, Yale University

When: April 13, 2012

Deadline for submission: March 2, 2012


Many individuals in affluent nations are aware that a vast number of people live in conditions of severe poverty. Yet they are more likely to go to the movies or to buy an expensive sweater than they are to give their money to humanitarian aid. The question arises, how can individuals be motivated to act on their duties to aid the global poor?

The Global Justice Program and the Department of Cognitive Science invite the submission of 350-500 word abstracts for 25-minute presentations on the subject of ‘Moral Psychology and Poverty Alleviation” for their upcoming workshop. 

The conference aims to stimulate research that can be used to develop more effective means of motivating individuals to act on their moral obligations to alleviate global poverty.  For more information about topics relevant to the conference see http://asap.betaelements.net/projects/moral-psychology-and-poverty-alleviation/