St. Louis Annual Conference on Reason and Rationality
UM-St. Louis
May 22-24, 2011
Moonrise Hotel

The Department of Philosophy at UM-St. Louis is pleased to announce the program for SLACRR 2.  PEA Soupers on this year's program include Jamie Dreier (Keynote), Brad Cokelet, Jussi Suikkanen, Mark van Roojen, and Robert N. Johnson.  There is no fee to attend SLACRR, but since space is limited, we ask that you register, which you can do simply by emailing John Brunero or Eric Wiland at  More information about the conference is available at 
The full program is below the break —>

Sunday, May 22, 2011

5:00pm  Jamie Dreier (Brown), The Metaethics and Metametaethics of Reasons Fundamentalism (keynote address)

Dinner @ Eclipse, then drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Monday, May 23, 2011

9:00 am    Brad Cokelet (Miami), A Responsible Moral Constructivism.  Comments by David Hunter (Ryerson) 

10:40 am    Luca Ferrero (Wisconsin–Milwaukee), Diachronic Rational Constraints.  Comments by Sarah Paul (Wisconsin–Madison)

Noon    Lunch break

1:30 pm    Amber Griffioen (Konstanz), I Lied Because I Love You: Love as a Reason for Self- and Other-Deception.  Comments by Robert Johnson (Missouri)

3:10 pm    Errol Lord (Princeton), How to be a Narrow-Scoper about Absolutely Everything.  Comments by Jonathan Way (Southampton)

5:00 pm     Andrew Sepielli (Toronto), An Antinomy of Belief-Relative Normativity.  Comments by Brian Hedden (MIT)

Dinner @ Pi, then drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9:00 am    Andrew Reisner (McGill), Leaps of Knowledge.  Comments by TBA

10:40 am    Ryan Millsap (Maryland), The Balancing Theory of "Ought" and Reasons Transmission.  Comments by Anna Bergqvist (Stockholm)

Noon    Lunch break

1:30 pm    Declan Smithies and Jeremy Weiss (Ohio State), Affective Phenomenology and Reasons for Action.  Comments by Ariela Tubert (Puget Sound)

3:10 pm    Matthias Haase (Basel / Harvard), Realizing a Concept.  Comments by Kathryn Lindeman (Pittsburgh)

5:00 pm    Jussi Suikkanen (Birmingham), Reason-Statements as Intensional Contexts.  Comments by Mark van Roojen (Nebraska)

Dinner @ Blueberry Hill, then drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

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