A conference announcment / call for papers that PeaSoupers might want to know about:  see here for the official flyer.

The goal of this conference is to bring together scholars working in moral and political philosophy, social epistemology, philosophy of science, and related areas to reflect broadly on the relationships between science, knowledge, and democracy. We aim to explore questions such as the following. In what ways should we be seeking to foster democratic influences on science, and why? Can we unpack the concept of objectivity (whether in the scientific or the political domain) more fruitfully by shifting from an individual to a social level of analysis? What is the nature of “lay expertise,” and what are its implications for pursuing public participation in scientific research and policy making? Do various forms of “epistemic injustice” detract from scientific knowledge or political decision making? What are the implications of political theory for thinking about how to democratize science and to integrate scientific knowledge into policy making? Does governmental involvement in and funding of scientific research pose special challenges to traditional epistemic and moral justifications for democracy?



Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan)
Miranda Fricker (Birkbeck, University of London)
Henry Richardson (Georgetown University)
Miriam Solomon (Temple University)



We invite abstracts of roughly 500 words for papers on these or related topics.  Please submit abstracts by November 1, 2010 to TRiPconference@gmail.com.  Abstracts should be PDF or Word documents and prepared for blind review.  We aim to notify the authors of accepted papers by early December, 2010.
The Three Rivers Philosophy (TRiP) Conference takes its name from the University of South Carolina’s location in Columbia, the state capital, where the Saluda and Broad Rivers meet to form the Congaree River. April is a beautiful time to be in South Carolina, so come and enjoy both our wonderful weather and what promises to be a very fruitful intellectual exchange. Questions about the conference? Please contact one of the organizers: Kevin Elliott (ke@sc.edu / 803-777-3735) or Justin Weinberg (jweinberg@sc.edu / 803-777-3724).